Author - Dacha Thurber

I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE–NOW WHAT? [Ep. 15] [Guests: Ken Mendis, Chair, Racial Unity Team & Joshua Conley, Mizzou Student Leader]

Special guests Ken Mendis, Chair of the Racial Unity Team, and Joshua Conley, Mizzou student leader and 2060 POTUS, discuss what motivates people of all ages to be fight prejudice. You'll be stunned to learn why listening leads to more change than strident rhetoric.  

I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE–NOW WHAT? [Ep. 13] [Guests: Detective John Leggette & Montague Simmons, Human Rights Activist]

Guests John Leggette, St. Louis Metro Police Department, and Montague Simmons, human rights activist, debate the merits and practical considerations of #defundthepolice​. How can the US peacefully undo 30+ years of addressing social strife with a forceful police presence and mass incarceration? As Legette and Simmons explain, we need to commit to eliminating the root causes of crime, including unemployment, racism, lack of affordable housing, and low-quality education.  

I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE–NOW WHAT? [Ep. 11] [Guest: Dustin Ward, President and Founder, IT IS TIME]

Special guest, Dustin Ward, Racial Equity & Reconciliation Advocate President and Founder of IT IS TIME, LLC, describes the shattering consequences of putting scripture into practice. Jesus met opposition when He advocated for social justice two millennia ago...and nothing has changed. Or has it?  

I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE–NOW WHAT? [Ep. 8] [Guest: Montague Simmons, Community Organizer, Human Rights Activist]

Special Guest, Montague Simmons, is a professional community organizer and human rights activist. Take an intriguing peek behind the curtain in hotspots like Minneapolis, Louisville, and Grand Rapids with a man who has devoted his life to helping under-represented people represent themselves loud and clear.  

I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE–NOW WHAT? [Ep. 7] [Guests: Jacob Conley & Dacha Thurber]

Guests Jacob Conley, student at Boston Conservatory of Fine Arts, and Dacha Thurber, Phillips Exeter Academy ’20 discuss what systemic racism looks like on campus today. What’s with @blackat[____] Instagram accounts? Can one person represent an entire race? Will music and theater communicate better than posts and protests?