What Schools Say

What Schools Say

  • Phillips Exeter Academy

    Tyler Caldwell - 9th Grade Dean
    "Prep4School is an amazing series of short videos that provide a much needed pre-orientation experience for students. By providing expert solutions to many of the challenges students face, Dr. Lee and Dr. Thurber help students feel connected, supported, and confident, even before they set foot on campus."
  • Groton School

    Temba Maqubela - Headmaster
    "Dear Chris: Thank you for coming to visit us a second time!!! Reports from the Groton faculty are that your workshop was a homerun. Thanks so much for spending time listening to our faculty's individual questions and concerns...and thank you for helping us with the thorny and often uncomfortable topic of Preserving Professional Teacher-Student Boundaries. With gratitude."
  • Phillips Exeter Academy

    Ryan - 10th-grade student
    "Prep4School got me psyched for boarding school. I learned useful time-management and coping skills and particularly liked the video on reducing academic pressure. I know now that a positive mindset can help me achieve the outcomes I desire in a more effective manner."
  • Avenues, The World School

    Ty Tingley - Co-Founder
    “Chris Thurber delivers practical wisdom about the struggles that girls and boys encounter as they learn and grow in schools and camps. Our faculty appreciated hearing from someone who knows first-hand what it’s like to be in the classroom and who brings the insight of a highly trained psychologist to teaching and learning. Chris’s wonderfully precise vocabulary, humor and casual manner earned him a lot of big fans at Avenues!”
  • George School

    Nancy Starmer - Head of School
    “Chris, I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from faculty members following your workshop. Thank you so much for taking the time to come all this way. Your presentation was perfect...and that’s saying something—As you know, teachers who’ve been in the profession for many years, can be a skeptical audience! You have a wonderful and very engaging way of connecting with your audience and we appreciated your realistic examples. The workshop was informative, authentic, and thought-provoking. I know our faculty will continue to discuss the cases you presented and the ones you left with us. Thank you!"
  • Hillside School

    Monica Lucey - Dean of Faculty & Academics
    "Chris, your sessions are so valuable to us!  Several faculty have already told me how you changed their thinking about boundaries and energized them to start the year.  Everyone also enjoyed your workshop on "intelligent failure."  This year, we are teaching our boys about grit, and part of grit is being able to fail, dust yourself off, and try again.  Our faculty have communicated with parents about letting their sons fail, and your talk has helped advance that conversation immensely. Thank you!"
  • Tabor Academy

    Jay S. Stroud - Headmaster
    “Thanks, Chris, for our workshop today. It was VERY well received. You were lively, the nuances and complexities of a fascinating topic were heard, and folks felt it was a more than worthwhile morning–actually important. Thank you! You helped get our faculty off on the right foot, and that gets the year off on the right foot, kids and parents all.”
  • Middlesex School

    Kathleen C. Giles - Head of School
    “Chris, we greatly appreciated your work with our faculty. Even the most veteran of teachers/coaches/mentors benefits from an airing of the professional closet, and I appreciated that your presentation was smart, engaging, respectful, and direct. The workshop was funny—caused some squirming at times—and overall really quite masterful. You met our faculty with their good energy and intentions and helped them think about the responsibilities that we have to our students as fiduciaries. Your presentation offered us the opportunity to listen to each other and develop a renewed sense of professional standards in which to take pride.”
  • Indian Mountain School

    Mark A. Devey - Head of School
    “Without a doubt, Chris’s workshop was well-received by all faculty, ranging from lower school core teachers to 9th grade dorm heads. Frankly, it was the most positive feedback we received about an in-service day in many years. Drawing on his personal and professional experiences, Chris’s easy going style encouraged our faculty to open up and reveal their worries and challenges in a way that benefitted our entire group. His stimulating sessions helped to energize and empower faculty as the headed back into the trenches. I highly recommend Chris Thurber!”
  • St. George’s School

    Dr. Cheryl Jenkins - Director of Counseling & Health Education
    “Typically wary of an in-service at the opening of the school year, the faculty at St. George’s were quickly won over by Dr. Thurber’s high energy, apt examples, and creative use of video clips. Thank you so much!”