If you’ve ever been interested in helping students thrive, then you’re going to love this. Dr. Szu-Hui Lee and I spent years creating Prep4School, an original set of engaging videos that teach boarding and day students how to manage time, sleep well, handle stress, participate in class, communicate clearly, and succeed in school.

Watch a sample video here and see how our multilingual videos lay the foundation of social and emotional health–the bedrock of student success. Then become a member for unlimited access to all videos and live events.


If you’ve ever wondered, What’s the right amount of pressure to put on kids?  you’ve been asking the wrong question. In The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure, Dr. Thurber and Dr. Weisinger reveal why the critical question to ask is: What’s the right KIND of pressure to put on kids?

Harmful pressure has created a new pandemic of anxiety and depression in young people, but this practical new book reveals eight transformations that loving caregivers can make to raise healthy, happy, high-functioning children.

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“You really don’t know how to help me, do you?” The homesick 12-year-old had detected the limits of my knowledge as a young camp counselor. Clearly , the conventional wisdom was wrong. Homesickness did not disappear by itself after a few days, and we both knew it. As painful and humbling as that camper’s question was, it also inspired me to figure out what caused extreme homesickness and how to prevent it.

The truth is: We learn and grow most when we are out of our comfort zones. But being away from our homes, our cultures, our friends, and our families can hurt. A lot. Homesickness can impair a young person’s progress at summer camp or boarding school by making it hard to focus, participate, make friends, eat well, and sleep soundly. In fact, homesick college students are twice as likely to withdraw as their well-adjusted peers.

The solution is here! Membership to Prep4School and Prep4Camp gives students, campers, and their caregivers instant access to awesome videos, engaging podcasts, and helpful print-outs that teach the keys to social and emotional success. Prep4 is what all adventurous young people need before and during time away from home to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

What about the adults? As a professional educator who is also a camp parent and boarding school psychologist, I’m excited to share Prep4Live, my original collection of unforgettable keynotes and lively workshops for staff, faculty, leaders, teachers, and parents. Choose from advanced topics in safeguarding, leadership, supervision, mental health, behavior management, and personal excellence. You may also reserve individual, family, and small group consultations here.

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Prep4School makes boarding better. By watching Prep4School videos, students learn life skills and build a social-emotional foundation for success. Each of Prep4School’s multilingual animations teaches new and returning students the most effective strategies for managing time, preventing homesickness, adjusting to boarding culture, speaking up in class, communicating with advisers, coping with pressure, and more! Your annual membership to Prep4School is an affordable and effective way to support students’ mental health. Choose from an Individual Family Membership or an All-School Membership.

Prep4Camp makes Overnight Awesome! Your Prep4Camp membership includes access to Summer Camp Success, the revolutionary 25-minute video proven to create positive expectations, build confidence in coping skills, and lower the intensity of first-year campers’ homesickness by 50%, on average. In addition, members will enjoy additional videos, such as Campers & COVID: 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Opening Day, a Parent Podcast, and a Camper Tip Sheet—all designed to soothe parental anxiety, make counselors’ jobs easier, and help young people get the most out of camp.  Choose from an Individual Family Membership or an All-Camp Membership.

Prep4Live leads your team to new heights. Dr. Thurber has been invited to deliver inspirational keynotes and workshops for outstanding schools, camps, conferences, corporations, families, and individuals on five continents. Take your learning and leadership to the next level by booking an online or on-site live event today with Prep4Live. Start designing your bespoke program from the Master Topic List of Dr. Thurber’s most popular presentations.

Advanced bookings are essential…and easy to make. Whether it’s a half-hour phone consultation, a confidential one-on-one meeting, or a full day of training for your faculty or staff, please request your booking here, at no cost or obligation. Once we receive your request, Dr. Thurber will contact you to discuss your specific needs and proposed content. When you are ready to finalize your booking, a deposit will be required.


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