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Relation to Standards

I understand that although the content sold on DrChrisThurber.com covers material outlined in certain accreditation standards, such as those provided by the American Camp Association or The Association of Boarding Schools, consuming this content does not constitute compliance with any particular standard. I understand that these videos, and the quizzes, handouts, and discussion questions that accompany them, are intended to help families meet their educational goals and that it is a parent’s sole responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their child or ward.

Education Not Treatment

I understand that although the content of some videos may discuss abnormal or problematic thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, as well as some forms of psychopathology, there is no expressed or implied psychotherapeutic or other treatment relationship between my family members—including minor children—and the owners, employees, and volunteers of CampSpirit, LLC. These relationships are best described as educational. I understand that medical or psychological questions I may have about my child or children are best answered in consultation with a licensed health care professional.


Although the video training modules and associated print materials are designed to maximize the resources and well-being of families and students, CampSpirit, LLC is a guarantor of results. Neither CampSpirit, LLC, nor any of its owners, employees, or volunteers, may be held liable for any child’s or family member’s illnesses, injuries, accidents, mental health problems, behavior problems, or lapses in judgment that may occur during or after viewing these video training modules and associated quizzes and print materials.

Your Preview Responsibilities

I understand that it is my responsibility to preview all of these works (e.g., video training modules, quizzes, and handouts) in order to familiarize myself with the content. In places where my family’s values, policies, or procedures differ in important ways from what is recommended in the works, I understand that it is my responsibility to educate my family, including my child or children, about these differences and instruct them in my family’s values, policies, and procedures.

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