Author - Chris

Viruses and the Virtue of Unselfishness [Guest: Skip Walton] [Coffee with Chris]

Guest—Dr. Edward "Skip" Walton—has saved thousands of lives. Walton is a pediatric emergency physician, university professor, lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve, and medical director at North Star Reach, a therapeutic camp that serves children with chronic illnesses. In this interview (conducted while  in post-exposure quarantine following several weeks of medical service with the Navy Reserve) Walton talks candidly to families like yours about viruses, summer camp, and the virtue of unselfishness.  

How the Government Creates Panic [Guest: Jessica Lepler] [Coffee with Chris]

Guest—Jessica Lepler—Associate Professor of History at UNH and author of The Many Panics of 1837, explains why knowing—even bad news—is always better than not knowing. In 1837, the fact that American cotton growers and merchants did not know whether London banks had dropped the price of cotton led to anxiety akin to today's COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump's late responses, obfuscations, and ignorance have resulted in widespread not knowing and resultant feelings of panic.  

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons [Guest: Bonnie Harris] [Coffee with Chris]

Guest—Bonnie Harris—author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons—and What You Can Do About It, discusses what's really going on when parents flip out. It happens to all adults who work with children or who have their own kids—some minor misbehavior gets under your skin and inflames an old psychological wound or hidden sensitivity. In refreshingly plain language, Harris outlines her original, powerful method for gaining control over explosive emotional reactions.