Summer Support


The Prep4Camp: SUMMER SUPPORT Edition has everything you need to support grieving campers and get them exited for safe, online activities. Become a Prep4 member today!

Renowned for its highly effective homesickness prevention program, entitled Summer Camp Success, Prep4Camp membership now includes essential content to comfort sad campers, support upset parents, and instruct families on the safe enjoyment of online activities.

A single coupon code grants your entire camp full access through September. Members-only webinars for directors are also part of your $499 $249 flat-fee subscription.

Keep showing you care by gifting this comforting collection of videos, handouts, and webinars to all your families and staff. New resources added weekly.

Way Worse than a Rainy Day--Official Trailer

Summertime Online--Official Trailer

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Prep4Camp: SUMMER SUPPORT Edition has great content for everyone:

For Campers:

  • Way Worse than a Rainy Day, a new live-action video about understanding camp cancellation and coping with grief (08:30)
  • Summertime Online, a new animated video about safe enjoyment of online activities (11:30)

Summer Camp Success is ideal program (video + handout + podcast) for families whose children will spend time away from home this summer (25:30)

For Parents:

  • Discussion Guide PDF for Way Worse than a Rainy Day
  • Grieving the Loss of Summer 2020 PDF handout
  • Safety Guide PDF to accompany Summertime Online
  • Member-only webinars* for parents on critical topics, includin helping children cope with grief
  • Prep4Camp homesickness prevention materials, including Parent Podcasts, ideal for families whose children will spend time away from home this summer

For Directors:

  • Member-only webinars on supporting and communicating with families
  • Dos and Don’ts of Social Media during COVID-19 and virtual summer camp (PDF tip sheet)
  • Cancellation Communication, my essential talking points for blogs and letters (PDF tip sheet)

For Staff:

  • Member-only webinars on running awesome online activities
  • Member-only webinars on maintaining appropriate boundaries with campers online

*Individual families can become Prep4Camp members for $29 and still gain access to videos and handouts. However, family subscriptions do not include access to members-only webinars or to content designed exclusively for directors and staff.

Buy the complete package now for only $499 $249.  Click here

If you have questions about how Prep4Camp: SUMMER SUPPORT Edition can be most helpful to your camp or youth-serving organization, or if the discounted membership fee of $249 is currently beyond your reach, please email me directly at [email protected] I am committed to helping you help your campers and their families.