Dr. Thurber has written more than 150 articles on leadership, parenting, youth development, and society since the mid-1990s. He writes the bi-monthly “Staff Advancement” column for Camp Business, is an award-winning contributor to Camping Magazine and Canada Camps.

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Post title Year
The Prejudiced Pig Inside Your Mind, Part 2: How to See Your Campers for Who They Are, Not What They Are 2017
The Prejudiced Pig Inside Your Mind, Part 1: How Directors Can Win the War against Implicit Bias 2017
Well-Trained Staff: The Key to a Successful Summer 2017
14 Questions to Identify Potential Hiring Risks at Camp 2017
Chemistry or Mystery: Inside the Tricky Business of Measuring Social Magic 2017
Masculinity in the 21st Century: Part 1 2017
Pressure in Independent Schools 2017
Demand the Unexpected 2016
Down and Dirty 2016
Liked for the Right Reasons 2016
With That In Mind: What Staff Need to Know About Their Own Mental Health 2016
With That In Mind: What Directors Need to Know About Staff Mental Health 2016
Get Hopping: Energy Sources for Youth Leaders 2016
Good Old Fashioned Advice: What Parents Need to Know about Camp 2016
The Path to Summer Camp Leads Away from Sexual Violence 2016
One for the Road 2015
Rejectology: Helping Dorky Kids Fit In 2015
What Were You Thinking? 2015
Not a Math Person 2015
In Praise of Criticism 2015
Gamification 2015
I Brushed My Teeth…and Other Lies Kids Tell 2015
Conflict, Camp, and World Peace 2015
SHATIE Practices 2015
Push In; Pull Out 2015
XXX-Posed 2015
Woven Programs 2015
The Problem is Not the Problem 2015
Take the Pizza Test 2014
Rehearse and Redo 2014
Weak End or Week End? 2014
Real Sport Has Heart 2014
Standing Out: What Makes Your Kid Get Noticed? 2014
A Good Gal Without a Gun 2014
#CARRYON: Learning What You Need 2014
Finding Beauty in an Ashtray 2014
Bullying Redux: The Blessing of Conflict 2014
What’s Left After a Loss 2014
Help Us Help You: Complete the Health Form 2014
Deceleration: How Radically Slowing Your Pace Can Make You Smarter 2014
Coaching Parents on Child Safety 2014
Hollow Silk Balls: What Makes a Great Care Package 2014
Pedagogically Speaking, Part 2: Big Questions for Contemporary Educators 2014
Pedagogically Speaking, Part 1: How Schools Talk About What Camps Do 2014
To Connect with Kids, Just Call ’em Like You See ’em 2014
Am I Oversharing?”(Child-Staff Boundaries, Part 1)” 2013
Kids Do Dumb Stuff: The Hidden Treasure of Accidental Learning 2013
Increased Exposure is Good for Children 2013
Time Outs as Treats 2013
Universal Vulnerabilities”(Child-Staff Boundaries, Part 2)” 2013
Time Management, Part I 2013
Time Management, Part II 2013
Watch Out for One Another”(Child-Staff Boundaries, Part 3)” 2013
Are You Gonna Eat That? 2013
Wise Use of Time Off 2013
My Three Favorite Things to Do with a 3×5 Index Card 2013
What Signal Does Your Sign Send? 2013
Courageous Ignorance 2013
Tangles in the New Safety Net 2013
A Healthy Lead 2013
Whither Favorites? 2013
The Warm-Up Before the Work-Out 2013
Tried and True and Hard to Do 2013
The Quantum Physics of Children 2013
A Place for Grace 2013
Do You Want a Spanking?! 2013
10 Reasons to Give Kids 10 Seconds 2013
Kids’ Big Fears: Part I 2012
Kids’ Big Fears: Part II 2012
Wanton Words: Curbing Verbal Crudeness and Cruelty at Camp 2012
Manners Matter 2012
Boys Will Be Girls…and Girls Will Be Boys 2012
Homesickness and Acculturation Stress in International Campers and Staff 2012
Giving the Gift of Trust 2012
Lead Me Not Into Temptation 2012
The Beauties of Camp Duties 2011
Camping’s Hottest New Trends 2011
Leadership After Failure 2011
Politically Incorrect Language 2011
Dreading Water (Swim Checks) 2011
Call a Spade a Spade 2011
Lifelong Leaders 2011
Attributing Blame 2011
Staying Relevant 2011
Don’t Take It Personally 2011
Lifeguarding Essentials 2011
Ask and Ye Shall Receive 2011
Writing Camp Jobs on a Resume 2011
Campers with Attention Deficits 2011
The Best Weekend Ever 2011
Continuous Professional Development 2011
Camp and Commitment 2011
Tiger Fun: Taking Camp Seriously 2011
Parent Panel Particulars 2010
The Hot New Trends in Camping 2010
Cracking Children’s Secret Code 2010
Leadership By Example Online 2010
Burn Camps Offer Unique Growth Opportunities 2010
Battling Back Against Bullying 2010
Six Lessons Lifeguards Must Learn 2010
Single Sex Camp: Is It Right for Your Child? 2010
Spirituality at Camp 2010
Actions Speak Louder Than Words 2010
Sidestepping Stereotypes 2010
Post-Season Feedback for Staff 2010
Integrating the Relaxation Response 2010
Keeping Your Integrity 2009
Collaborative Problem Solving 2009
Summer Camp Done Right 2009
The Well-Trained Staff 2009
Feedback for Staff 2009
Youth as Objects or Partners? 2009
Competition Conundrum 2009
How Do We Treat Each Other? 2009
The Golf Cart: Behold or Beware? 2009
Not a Happy Camper 2008
Missing You 2008
A Touchy Subject 2008
Maintaining Your Professionalism 2008
The Meaning of Summer Camp 2008
Speaking of Technology 2008
What’s the Problem Now? 2008
eLearning Comes of Age 2008
Preventing the Pain of Parting 2007
Preventing Homesickness in College Freshmen 2007
Ready, Set, Camp! 2007
Skirt the Blues 2007
Happy Campers 2007
Home(sick) Away from Home 2006
I Call the Top Bunk! 2006
Hot on the Summer Camp Trip 2006
The Digital Umbilical 2006
Essentials of Homesickness Prevention 2006
How to Pick the Best Camp for Your Kid 2005
Healthy Competition is Not an Oxymoron 2005
Camp Champs 2005
The Camp Benefit 2005
Ten Things Your Kid’s Camp Won’t Tell You 2004
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh 2003
Nature Loves Nurture 2003
Roots and Wings 2003
Out of the Mouths of Babes 2003
I Am, Therefore, I Think 2003
Do As I Do 2003
Bouncing Back by Moving Forward 2003
Camping Is Your Gift to the World 2002
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Camps 2002
Sleep-Away Camp Success 2001
Internal Leadership Development 2001
Your Happy Camper 2000
Babes in the Woods… and Parents at Home 1999
I Want to Go Home! 1998
I Hate Camp! 1996