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Prep4 Makes Boarding Better!

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that Teach these Essential Student Success Skills:

Coping with High Pressure
In-Class Participation
Homesickness Prevention
Maximizing Achievement
Efficient Time Management
Advisor Communication
Cross-Cultural Comfort
Restorative Sleep Patterns

By watching Prep4School videos, students learn life skills and build a social-emotional foundation for success. Created by Dr. Christopher Thurber and Dr. Szu-Hui Lee, each of Prep4School’s multilingual animations teaches new and returning students (and their caregivers!) the most effective strategies for managing time, preventing homesickness, adjusting to boarding culture, speaking up in class, communicating with advisers, coping with pressure, and more!

Your annual all-school membership to Prep4School is an affordable and effective way to support students’ mental health.

Dr. Christopher Thurber
Dr. Szu-Hui Lee

Harvard graduates Dr. Christopher Thurber and Dr. Szu-Hui Lee created Prep4School after helping thousands of students at Phillips Exeter Academy, where they both serve as clinical psychologists. “We knew that students would do better if they had essential information before arriving on campus,” says Dr. Thurber. “Hard work got them into boarding school,” notes Dr. Lee. “Prep4School helps them thrive.”

The Association of Boarding Schools is a proud supporter of Prep4School.

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  • Phillips Exeter Academy

    Tyler Caldwell - 9th Grade Dean
    Prep4School is an amazing series of short videos that provide a much needed pre-orientation experience for students. By providing expert solutions to many of the challenges students face, Dr. Lee and Dr. Thurber help students feel connected, supported, and confident, even before they set foot on campus.
  • Ryan - 10th-grade student

    Prep4School got me psyched for boarding school. I learned useful time-management and coping skills and particularly liked the video on reducing academic pressure. I know now that a positive mindset can help me achieve the outcomes I desire in a more effective manner.
  • Athena - Applicant, Age 14

    Prep4School videos put my mind at ease. As an international student, I found the application process nerve-wracking and I was anxious about going to school in a foreign country. After I watched Prep4School, I felt confident because I knew what to expect from my peers, my adviser, my teachers, and the school.

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Family Membership

Every family wants to prepare for a successful transition to boarding school. Prep4School gives you an important head start with:

  • 14+ growth mindset videos
  • Practical advice from experts
  • Insider tips for success
  • LIVE Time Q&A webinars

School Membership

Every boarding school is invested in students’ social-emotional adjustment. Prep4School gives your students foundational skills in:

  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Managing time efficiently
  • Communicating effectively
  • Coping with academic stress

Book a Live Event

Because in-person events provide the highest levels of engagement and growth, organizations on five continents have booked Dr. Thurber for:

  • Inspiring keynote addresses
  • Leadership team coaching
  • Faculty / Staff workshops
  • Individual consultation

Members in China may wish to access their Prep4School videos and other content via our WeChat mini program.

Simply scan the QR code for access. Individual families can purchase access any time. If a family has been given Prep4School access on, they may add WeChat access for 75% off the retail price.