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Prep4 Makes Camp Amazing!

Members get Instant Access to Awesome Videos
that Teach these Keys to Camper Happiness:

Preventing Homesickness
Packing What You Need
Writing Great Letters Home
Making and Keeping Friends
Trying New Activities
Managing Medications
Staying Safe Online (if you do virtual camp)

Prep4Camp teaches kids and caregivers how maximize their enjoyment of overnight camp. Each family membership comes with a copy of the best-selling Summer Camp Handbook, written by international experts, Dr. Christopher Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski. Individual family and all-camp memberships also include access to Summer Camp Success, the engaging, live-action video that features real campers and real counselors sharing their insider tips for packing, preparing, and preventing homesickness. It’s a must-see for kids and parents!

Did you know that 95% of boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16 report some feelings of homesickness while away at camp? It’s normal to miss the things you love, but with Prep4Camp, it doesn’t have to hurt. The graph on this page shows that first-year campers who used Prep4Camp felt half as homesick, on average, compared to first-year campers who did not use Prep4Camp.

Membership includes a year of unlimited access to:

  • Preparatory Videos–for families to watch together
  • Supportive Podcast–for parents to listen to after opening-day drop-off
  • Tip Sheet–for campers to download, print, and bring to camp
  • Best-Selling Camp Book–The Summer Camp Handbook (Individual Family Memberships)
  • Best-Selling Staff Training Handouts–by Dr. Thurber (All-Camp Memberships)

Ensure that your dreams come true this summer. Become a member of Prep4Camp today and don’t let homesickness get in the way!

Family Membership

Every family wants to prepare for a safe and happy stay at summer camp. Prep4Camp videos and downloadable handouts will show you how to:

  • Prevent intense homesickness
  • Stay safe (on-site or online)
  • Pack your trunk like a pro
  • Enjoy new friends and activities

Camp Membership

Every summer camp is invested in children’s social-emotional adjustment. Prep4Camp membership will give your campers foundational skills in:

  • Separating from home
  • Managing social conflicts
  • Taking healthy risks
  • Becoming their best selves

Book a Live Event

Because in-person events provide the highest levels of engagement and growth, organizations on five continents have booked Dr. Thurber for:

  • Inspiring keynote addresses
  • Faculty / Staff workshops
  • Leadership team coaching
  • Individual consultation
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