Educational Handouts for Schools and Camps

Handouts are concise summaries of live workshops and webinars that serve as templates and references Prep4School and Prep4Camp members. Use them as a template to prepare your own live workshops; or use them as a reference to include in your faculty handbook or staff training manual. With your paid membership, I will supply you with a password to access and download a single, searchable PDF portfolio, containing all handouts.

Unlimited downloads are part of your Prep4 membership. You may download and photocopy as many of these handouts as you wish for the members of your organization. Please do not post these handouts online, unless behind password-protected pages. Please do not distribute these handouts outside of your organization. Handouts are updated annually to reflect new research and best practices. You may renew your access for another 12 months by emailing [email protected]

Four Categories of Prep4 Handouts

Prep4Camp Members

Prep4School Members

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