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What parents expect.

Caring for other people's children is both rewarding and demanding. Watch this video to consider a parent's point of view on being a youth development professional.

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“Chris Thurber delivers practical wisdom about the struggles that girls and boys encounter as they learn and grow in schools and camps. Our faculty appreciated hearing from someone who knows first-hand what it’s like to be in the classroom and who brings the insight of a highly trained psychologist to teaching and learning. Chris’s wonderfully precise vocabulary, humor and casual manner earned him a lot of big fans at Avenues!”

Ty Tingley Co-Founder, Avenues, The World School

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Topics in this category include managing staff, providing constructive feedback, and running effective meetings.


Topics in this category include situational leadership, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving.

Youth Development

Topics in this category include program activity skills, social development, and cross-cultural agility.

Mental Health

Topics in this category include camper mental health, suicidality, self-harm, and evaluation of your camp's health center.


Topics in this category include safe touch & safe talk,  bullying prevention, hazing, and evaluation of your aquatics program.

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