Workshops & Keynotes

“Dr. Chris is a legend! Inspirational, engaging, and full of incredibly useful leadership techniques. A lot of speakers make a few jokes, give a few tips, and it’s totally forgettable. Dr. Chris actually understands the ups and downs of working with kids, as well as the intricacies of how staff collaborate. Memorable, practical, and very American (that’s a compliment!). Thank you, Dr. Chris!”

–Alex Read, Oxford Royale Academy

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Keynotes, conferences, and bespoke training days are priced individually and typically book 9-12 months in advance. Contact Dr. Thurber today to inquire about content and availability.

Dr. Thurber works with corporations, schools, camps, and parents to transform performance in leadership, boundaries, behavior management, cross-cultural agility, supervision, and safety. View a table of possible content.