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Learning sticks when we practice, fumble, and revise,that’s why I invite discussion, laughter, reflection, and role plays in my work with independent schools

Dr. Thurber

Dr. Thurber has inspired learning since 1985, when he began teaching swimming in South Portland, Maine. Today, he engages professional educators and youth leaders around the world in the exciting journey of their own professional development. 

Featured In Conferences For

Dr. Thurber is a favorite presenter at conferences such as TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools), BSA ([British] Boarding Schools Association), and ABSA (Australian Boarding Schools Association) as well as at individual schools on five continents. Each year, his workshops on boundaries, mental health, communication, leadership, residential life, and acculturation are in high demand.

Dr. Thurber has taught elementary school French, swimming and life guarding, and co-instructed undergraduate courses in linguistics and adolescent development. He has also coached swimming and archery. He now teaches the Introduction to Psychology course for seniors at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Why Schools Hire Dr. Chris


Our school benefited from having Dr. Thurber present as part of our opening faculty meetings. What we most appreciate about his presentation is how directly he is able to speak to the challenges we face in boarding communities. He acknowledges that we endeavor to create caring, supportive, nurturing communities, but that we also must always be aware of our professional boundaries and authority with the students. He presents realistic case studies and opens up a dialogue that helps faculty and staff explore complicated issues in a productive and open way. We constantly refer back to our session with Dr. Thurber and look forward to our next workshop with him!

Jody Soja Head of School, Indian Mountain School March 19, 2019

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Dr Chris provides these category of workshops.


Topics in this category include professional boundaries, providing feedback, and running effective meetings.


Topics in this category include situational leadership, emotional intelligence, and collaborative problem-solving.

Youth Development

Topics in this category include residential life, cognitive and social development, and cross-cultural agility.

Mental Health

Topics in this category include student mental health, suicidality, self-harm, and evaluation of your school’s health center.


Topics in this category include physical and emotional safety, bullying prevention, hazing, and evaluation of your aquatics program.

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