Training For Schools

Training For Schools

Historically, schools were the source of information, which educated teachers delivered. Today, anyone with an Internet connection can access information, so schools have a new job: teaching students what to do with that information. Not just how to judge the reliability and validity of data, but how to think critically about it and be socially responsible about applying it.

To do that well, schools must rise to the dual challenge of teaching students academic skills and social-emotional skills. Or, as John Phillips—the founder of Phillips Exeter Academy—wrote: goodness and knowledge together “form the noblest character, and lay the surest foundation of usefulness to [hu]mankind.”

My belief in the interdependence of goodness and knowledge is the reason I created Prep4School, a video library and live event series that prepares students and families for the social-emotional and academic challenges essential for success: time management, sleep hygiene, homesickness prevention, recalibrating your self-esteem, joining classroom discussions, and coping with academic pressure.

My belief in the interdependence of goodness and knowledge is also the reason that I write articles for independent school magazines, provide confidential coaching to deans and headmasters, and conduct professional development workshops at schools and school conferences on five continents.

Learner-level membership to my website is always free and gives you full access to all of my publications, webinars, vlogs, and podcasts. And when you’re ready, schedule an individual meeting, book an educational event for your camp, or upgrade your membership to include Prep4School.

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