“If there were a secret sauce for homesickness prevention, The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success is it!   –Theresa Crean, mother of two

You and your child have lots invested in a successful camp experience. No other experience is as fun and formative, but did you know that 95% of boys and girls report feeling homesick at overnight camp and 20% report intense, sometimes incapacitating homesickness?

Great news! The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success is an entertaining and powerful DVD-CD set that cuts homesickness intensity by an average of 50% in first-year campers. All you need is $10 and 30 minutes. (Note: This content is not available in streaming format, only as a boxed DVD/CD set. The format encourages full family viewing and conversation.) Purchase your copy today from Amazon or EverythingSummerCamp.com.

For years, we all thought that homesickness would “go away by itself after a couple of days.” The truth, uncovered by Dr. Thurber’s research, couldn’t be more different. For the children who are most homesick, the intensity of their distress actually increases over the course of their stay. Subsequent research has independently validated this important finding.

Adapted from an article by Dr. Thurber in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Families Can Prevent Homesickness Before it Starts!

henry-kavanaugh_crop“Henry watched The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success with us and really took to heart the notion of staying busy and joining into things when feeling lonely. We talked about it a few times post-video. On opening day, his dad and I were literally back in our car 31 minutes after arriving! We helped make his bed, he joined a game of Whiffle ball, and that was that! I really credit the concrete, simple advice Dr. Chris and the kids on his video gave to making this transition easier. We can tell Henry many things and he’ll listen to most, but we’re still his parents. There’s something about advice from another source!”
–Amy Kavanaugh

The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success is loaded with benefits:

  • Designed especially for new campers and their families
  • Proven strategies for preventing homesickness
  • Expert advice on packing and preparing for camp
  • Advice for kids, by kids, on having the most fun possible
  • Special CD just for parents (to listen in the car after opening day drop-off)
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Every child and every parent wonders about homesickness…because just about every child experiences homesickness and just about every parent feels, well, “kid-sick.” Those feelings are normal! You just don’t want them to get in the way of enjoying a fantastic camp stay. So rather than make a pick-up deal (“If you feel homesick, I’ll come get you.”) that is sure to make homesickness worse and leaving you wishing you’d said something different, order this proven prevention program today. Purchase your copy today from Amazon, EverythingSummerCamp.com, or directly from the publisher: American Camp Association.

Directors: Prep Your New Campers and Relieve Your Staff!

“For many years now, we have been giving each of our new camp families a copy of Chris Thurber’s video and CD, The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success. We noticed a precipitous drop in camper homesickness from the very first year we sent out the video. The video does an excellent job of preparing new campers and their families for the summer camp experience. I highly recommend it.”
— Paul “Bear” Bryant, Executive Director/CEO, Camp Sloane

Camp directors across North America have can bulk-order copies of this revolutionary took kit and slip one into each new camper’s registration packet. What better way to say you care about the quality of their stay? To place a bulk order, visit the ACA Bookstore or call 888-229-5745. Deep discounts are available for bulk orders.

Make their first summer a happy summer!

Read more about Dr. Thurber’s research on homesickness causes, consequences, and treatments.