Our school benefited from having Dr. Thurber present as part of our opening faculty meetings. What we most appreciate about his presentation is how directly he is able to speak to the challenges we face in boarding communities. He acknowledges that we endeavor to create caring, supportive, nurturing communities, but that we also must always be aware of our professional boundaries and authority with the students. He presents realistic case studies and opens up a dialogue that helps faculty and staff explore complicated issues in a productive and open way. We constantly refer back to our session with Dr. Thurber and look forward to our next workshop with him!

Jody Soja Head of School, Indian Mountain School March 19, 2019

Chris, your sessions are so valuable to us!  Several faculty have already told me how you changed their thinking about boundaries and energized them to start the year.  Everyone also enjoyed your workshop on “intelligent failure.”  This year, we are teaching our boys about grit, and part of grit is being able to fail, dust yourself off, and try again.  Our faculty have communicated with parents about letting their sons fail, and your talk has helped advance that conversation immensely. Thank you!

Monica Lucey Dean of Faculty & Academics, Hillside School October 15, 2018

Dr. Chris Thurber’s workshop on Effective Messaging at Seattle University was exceptionally effective. Within an hour, Dr. Thurber had guided our diverse group of professors to craft a catchy slogan and value proposition for our Revolutionizing Engineering and Computers (RED) group. We have successfully featured those messages in all of the publicity for RED projects funded by the National Science Foundation. Thank you, Dr. Thurber!

Dr. Teodora Rutar Shuman Professor & Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department, Seattle University October 5, 2018

Dear Chris, I wanted to share with you how wonderfully received you were by our faculty and staff! Many made a point to express to me their appreciation of you, the questions and reflections you brought forth, and how engaging and approachable you were. Thank you for sharing your expertise and for facilitating such important education and dialogue.

Jenneil Gross-Kriever Director of Counseling Services, Chatham Hall October 5, 2018

Dr. Thurber, Thank you so very much for your illustrated boundary workshop. As someone who has taught many one-to-one and smaller group sessions (in the UK), it was of immense benefit. Your advice inspired me to consider using a GoPro as a teaching tool for dramatic purposes–to identify different viewpoints from characters in plays, ensembles, and choirs. Many, many thanks!

Michelle Cressida-Bliss Director of Music, Chatham Hall October 5, 2018

  • Chris was one of the most interesting and engaging presenters I have seen. I left feeling like the entire faculty of my school should get to have the same experience. Discussions were engaging, examples and clips were on point, time management of breaks and activity was well planned
  • Chris was is one of the best, most knowledgeable, easy to listen to, effective presenters I have had the pleasure of working with.
  • Chris was fantastic! He presented with warmth and humor on a challenging topic: professional boundaries.
  • Chris, your presentation was fabulous. You were able to make an uncomfortable topic for some an engaging and comfortable experience. Your videos and case studies were thought provoking and beneficial.

Conference Participant Evaluations ISACS Chicago Conference 2018 October 5, 2018

“Chris, thanks for your excellent workshop today. Based on everyone’s conversations later in the afternoon, it was extremely well received. It certainly gives us a strong leadership foundation for our work this summer.”

Andrew Walpole Assistant Head, Wolfeboro Boarding School January 21, 2018

“Dear Dr. Thurber, I cannot thank you enough for your awesome presentation on Teaching Students to Fail last week at Purnell for the Association of Independent Schools of New Jersey! We learned a ton and it has already helped me as a teacher and a parent!”

Dr. Nicole Lynn Martone Head of Upper School, Ranney School January 20, 2018

“Dear Chris, I heard you speak a couple times at American Camp Association conferences in the past year and wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and insight into not just managing, but inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. The energy and charisma you bring to the table makes me excited to continuing making improvements at my camps despite the associated challenges.”

Katie Feldhues Military Kids Program Manager, Ohio State 4H Extension September 11, 2017

“Thank you so much for your thought provoking Boarding Schools’ Association seminars. They helped consolidate prior knowledge and boost my understanding of positive psychology. Mindsets *do* matter. Your positive futures slide has helped me to feel confident to walk forward and disseminate this information to my colleagues. As professionals in the boarding schools, we are all involved in enabling our pupils to gain a real sense of value and values; of belonging and self-worth. Your seminars have helped me better provide the kinds of supports that meet my students’ needs.”

Jacqui Irven Matron, Collinson House, Mill Hill School–London, Mill Hill School September 11, 2017

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