Hey Dr. Thurber! I am a counselor at Camp Timberlane and I attended your workshop on listening last summer. I found it helpful at the time, but I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the “active listening” strategy until I used it last night with a friend of mine. She appreciated being understood and was able to come up with solutions to her problem on her own, as you predicted. (I would have handled it way differently before I attended your workshop.) After I listened without interrupting, I summarized back what she was saying to make sure that I understood. She was surprised that someone actually, fully listened to what she was saying! That was really special and I wanted to thank you for your help last summer at camp and especially for what happened last night. Thank you so so much and I look forward to seeing you again!

Jacob Kline Counselor, Camp Timberlane

Dr. Chris Thurber brought loads of energy to his keynote and breakout sessions. His stories rang true for all of our workshop participants. No doubt about it, Chris really knows how to engage and keep the attention of a large audience. Everyone walked away with valuable skills. Thank you, Chris, for your help!

Dan Sturgeon Workshop Chair, New Hampshire Recreation & Parks Association

Dear Chris, I hope you consider taking your training skills on the road more and producing many, many more video training modules. Our world needs teachers like you. You do it well! As I embark on new camp-based work with Camp Quest Ohio, I'm confident that your brilliantly and expertly designed tutorials have endowed me with many useful tips.

Gus Brunsman Sociologist & Senior Staff, Camp Quest Ohio

Dear Thurbs: A heartfelt thank you for all you are doing for the camp industry and for our kids. It was awesome to see you in action at ACA Nationals. You are truly leading by example and spreading the Belknap Spirit! For that, I am forever grateful. Timi-Hi and Seek the Joy.

Seth Kassels Co-Director, YMCA Camp Belknap, Wolfeboro, NH

"Chris, I just read your most recent article, Continuous Professional Development in the Camp Business "Week-Ender."  Like all of your content, it had a great message, enjoyable to read, and highly relevant. Thank you for all you do to provide quality education to the camping profession! I look forward to your Markel webinar presentation later this month!"

Mr. Ian C. Garner Director, Camp & Youth Organization Relations, Markel Specialty

"Chris, I give your training day with us 10 out of 10 on every dimension. Every workshop you did with us felt like genuine and sincere advice. The "motivational speaker" that we had yesterday was just pop sociology and cheap manipulation. Thank you for investing in our professional development by teaching us valuable skills."

Anna Lyman Cabin Counselor

"Dear Chris, Thank you for co-leading your fourth amazing EPIC pre-conference at ACA Nationals! The workshops were fantastic. Your insight and encouragement will help grow a talented group of emerging professionals in camping (EPIC). We are so lucky to have you in our industry! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jalisa Danhoff Conference Chair, EPIC

"Dear Chris, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support. Every summer brings challenges, and I feel so fortunate to know I have people like you in the wings to lean on for guidance. You truly helped me do the right thing while preserving a positive relationship with a family in distress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Catriona Sangster Co-Director, Camp Wawenock

"Thank you so very much for your consultation about managing parental expectations. We followed your advice and the camper in question completed the season on a positive note! Chris, as always, I am grateful for your help, time, thoughts, and affirmation that we're headed down the right track. Thank you for all your help this season, in so many ways. I deeply appreciate and all you do for so many camps. Because of your support, we can better serve our youth."

Carrie Kashawlic Director, Fleur de Lis Camp

"Chris, thanks a million for being part of ACA-New England! Your sessions are always so though-provoking and insightful. Your time, energy, and commitment to our industry are greatly appreciated."

Alex Jackson Director, Camp Runoia

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