Family Discussions about Safe Touch

Read a FREE excerpt from The Summer Camp Handbook that gives caregivers guidance on how to talk with their child about preventing unsafe touch at camp. Click on the cover image, or visit, to get your copy of the entire

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Conflict, Camp, and World Peace

Conversations online and off have focused recently on stopping violence and conflict. From Ferguson to France, people have discussed, debated, and demonstrated more passionately than ever. When human rights are in question, we speak of “ridding,” “routing,” “crushing,” and “eliminating”

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5 Mistakes Camp Directors Make

1. Believing in accreditation standards. Some standards are minimum requirements; others are best practices. None is a guarantee of quality. Of course, abiding by national or provincial standards helps ensure that you won’t be convicted of negligence should a serious

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What Signal Does Your Sign Send?

All camps have signs. You passed a few on your way to where you’re sitting now, reading this blog post. What did they say? Some probably listed archery range rules, others pointed visitors to the office and one showed the

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Are You Gonna Eat That?

Said one way, the question, “Are you gonna eat that?” is an informal query among friends that is the chummy equivalent of “Can I finish that?” You might here it at a diner among best friends. Although you’d never lean

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Time Outs as Treats

Solitary time is missing from our daily schedules. Those restorative, reflective moments when we can appreciate, take stock, problem-solve, meditate, or pray have been eclipsed by smart phones, shared calendars (that others shoehorn appointments into for us) and a general

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Lead Me Not Into Temptation

I offered to watch my 8-year-old’s belongings tonight at Gate B8. From across the hall, he had seen the Chicago Museum of Natural History store in O’Hare. We could both see the realistic looking stuffed animals, including arctic foxes, ring-tailed

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Helping Young People Cope with Loss

Following the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, I’d like to share this helpful article, written a few years ago with Jeanne Stern and Connie Morse, my colleagues at Phillips Exeter Academy. Grief is natural

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On Not Documenting Every Moment

I had a surreal moment last summer. I’d been attending camps for 39 years, working at the same camp for 30 years, and writing about camps for nearly 20 years when I finally got the chance to drop off my

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