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Coping With Loss: A Guide to Assisting Youth

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When a young participant in a program dies, staff are put in the painful and complex position of grieving the loss themselves and simultaneously helping the surviving youngsters cope. This concise booklet will guide them through this dual leadership responsibility with compassion and grace.


Grief is natural and individual

Camp is a very close community. Naturally, when a member of the community dies, it affects us all in different ways. Perhaps the most important things to remember are that: (1) Grief is a natural response to a loss; (2) There is no “right” way to grieve; and (3) There is no fixed timetable for grieving a loss.

Grief is a natural expression of love for a person who has died. It is a reflection of the feelings we have for that person. A painful loss can also evoke painful memories of past losses and create new anxieties about possible future losses.

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