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Advanced Staff Supervision

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When experienced staff are promoted to supervisory positions at in youth programs, they face the double challenge of having zero formal management training and becoming a boss of their peers. This handout clearly outlines five principles of supervisory success: Prepare, Encourage, Evaluate, Participate, & Learn.


Are you up to the challenge? Supervision of camp staff can be delicate for several reasons.

• You may be close in age to those you supervise.
• You may have been colleagues with your supervisees just last year.
• You may find it hard to give feedback, wondering how your criticism will affect your friendships.
• You may find rule enforcement an onerous task and find yourself wishing for less responsibility.

Change your mindset; change your life. When you see yourself in a supportive role, everything changes.

• Embrace the process of PEEPL Power: Prepare, Encourage, Evaluate, Participate, and Learn.
• Your primary job as a supervisor is support. Work hard to help other people do their jobs well.
• Consider how you want to be remembered by your supervisees and act accordingly. Will they remember you as a slacker, a pushover, or an ogre? Or will they remember you as diligent, consistent, and supportive? Your attitude, tone, and work ethic largely determine your legacy at camp.
• Work to train your replacements by sharing what you know and helping others grow.

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