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Prep4School is what all students need to be successful and happy! Available as a website and a WeChat mini program, Prep4School is a collection of short animations that explain the keys to efficient time management, homesickness prevention, sleep hygiene, joining classroom discussions, communicating with teachers, and dealing with both academic pressure and the stress of a new culture. Start school ready to achieve something great! With Prep4, success is more than just a score.

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Prep4Camp gets you ready for an awesome summer! This 25-minute video gives you all the insider tips and expert tools you need to prevent homesickness, make friends fast, and have a blast at camp! Plus, you’ll learn how to pack like a pro, stay healthy, and keep your parents from freaking out. BONUS CONTENT: ProTips PDF for kids + Podcast for parents. Want even more insider tips on finding the right camp and getting the most out of the experience? Check out The Summer Camp Handbook!

Expert Online Training is the ultimate educational resource for youth leaders. This collection of 150+ video modules covers everything from behavior management and leadership to supervision and safety. Each module is hosted by a popular youth development professional, is followed by a quiz to test your understanding, and features a downloadable PDF handout. Expert Online Training allows you to create custom courses and is the perfect complement to your on-site training.


Dr. Chris for Booking.

A dedicated teacher from a young age, Dr. Chris has more than 30 years of experience working with camps and independent schools.