Newspaper Articles

Read newspaper articles featuring quotes and commentary from Dr. Thurber.

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1 The New York Times - Phone-Sick at Camp (2016) Read Article
2 The Orange County Register - Summer Camp: More than Fun for Kids (2016) Read Article
3 The Wall Street Journal - Do Parents Play a Role in Homesickness? (2015) Read Article
4 The Wall Street Journal - To Call Mom or Not? New Help for Homesick Students (2015) Read Article
5 ABC News (AP Wire) - Those Tear-Stained Letters Home: How to Handle Homesickness Read Article
6 The Boston Globe - No Ghost Stories at Camp? Now That's Scary! Read Article
7 The Times of London - Let Kids Do Dumb Stuff (2014) Read Article
8 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Flying Solo (2014) Read Article
9 The Times of London - Why Dumb Stuff Gets the Thumbs-Up (2014) Read Article
10 New York Times - The Care-Package Wars (2013) Read Article