Dr. Chris Thurber and his wife Simonida live in Exeter, New Hampshire, with their two boys, Dacha (born in 2002) and Sava (born in 2004). During the academic year, Dr. Thurber serves as a teacher and school psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, a coeducational boarding high school. During the summer, he conducts staff training workshops with camps and other summer programs worldwide. Learn more about Dr. Thurber here. Find resources for your family here. The rest of this page is primarily about Simonida, Dacha, and Sava.

Simonida, an accomplished musician and loving mother, was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. She earned her BS in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Washington in 1994. She was then awarded a grant to study particle characterization of thin materials using optical fibers, eventually earning her PhD in analytical chemistry in 2000. Later that year, she began work as a test engineer at Tyco. Her work there focused on verifying the continuity and efficiency of trans-oceanic fiber optic cable systems before the Tyco fleet laid them on the sea floor. Simonida now works in admissions at Phillips Exeter Academy, tutors students in math and chemistry, volunteers in the Exeter public schools, guides the boys’ music education and manages the business ends of CampSpirit, LLC and ExpertOnlineTraining.com. She is fluent in Serbo-Croatian, English, and German and can get the family out of a jam in Slovenian, Italian and Russian.


DS_Rock 2013Dacha and Sava are happy, healthy boys who enjoy gymnastics and violin. Simo has posted selections of their accomplishments on the Thurber Family YouTube channel. Their notable accomplishments include playing violin for the democratically elected Serbian president, competing in state and regional gymnastics competitions and playing the Star Spangled Banner at the Granite Cup Men’s Invitational. What they enjoy most is building with Legos, playing Star Wars, attending Camp Belknap and traveling. (Play the slideshows below for a peek.) They also really enjoy making burping and farting noises, proving beyond a doubt that they are normal, goofy tweens. Click to play some of the videos below for a teaser of the boys’ talents.


If you would like to enjoy more videos of Dacha and Sava, please visit Timihi007, the Thurber Family YouTube channel and DrChrisThurber, the CampSpirit YouTube channel.