Continuous professional development comes from you, my loyal clients.  I am always thrilled when a Head of School or Camp Director writes to me after one of my educational events to say, “Your workshop helped us make important and difficult changes!” or “Your perspective helped us rethink our approach.”  And when a faculty or staff member tells me, “I’m better at what I do, thanks to you,” I know I’ve done my job.

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Hey Dr. Thurber! I am a counselor at Camp Timberlane and I attended your workshop on listening last summer. I found it helpful at the time, but I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the “active listening” strategy until I used it last night with a friend of mine. She appreciated being understood and was able to come up with solutions to her problem on her own, as you predicted. (I would have handled it way differently before I attended your workshop.) After I listened without interrupting, I summarized back what she was saying to make sure that I understood. She was surprised that someone actually, fully listened to what she was saying! That was really special and I wanted to thank you for your help last summer at camp and especially for what happened last night. Thank you so so much and I look forward to seeing you again!

Jacob Kline Counselor, Camp Timberlane

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