Dr. Christopher Thurber founded CampSpirit, LLC, in New Hampshire in 2000, the same year that he and Dr. Jon Malinowski published The Summer Camp Handbook . Since that time, CampSpirit has functioned as the business entity through which Chris conducted staff training, faculty development, and consultation to camps, schools, parks & recs, and other youth-serving organizations.

CampSpirit is widely recognized by industry experts and has become synonymous with the highest quality on-site and online education for professional educators and youth leaders alike. CampSpirit has contracted with top-tier programs on five continents and arranged invited keynotes at national and international conferences.

Most recently, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine invited Dr. Thurber to present workshops at the Royal Palace in Belgrade, Serbia, for the annual gathering of the country’s 600 high school valedictorians. Read about this special event here.

Since founding CampSpirit Chris has provided customized, on-site training to more than 250 schools, camps, and communities. In 2008, when Chris and Evan Heltay founded Expert Online Training, CampSpirit did business as (dba) Expert Online Training, but the huge success of EOT eventually led to the founding of a second company: Expert Online Training, LLC, whose online home is here.

To learn more about Dr. Christopher Thurber, visit the Biography page.

To learn more about the services provided through CampSpirit, LLC, visit the Workshops page.

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