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“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.” — John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State under Dwight D. Eisenhower

Workshops on Supervision and Management

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Workshops on Supervision and Management

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Appreciative Inquiry: Strengths-Based Organizational Change Organizations such as schools are full of different problems, right? Effective leaders identify these problems, brainstorm solutions, and motivate participants to adopt a fix, right? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you haven’t adopted a success mindset. The coaching technique of Appreciative Inquiry is a radically different “change management” approach that will reset your attitudes and behaviors by teaching you to capitalize on strengths and possibilities. An essential skill for any headmaster, principle, or dean.
Comprehensive Homesickness Prevention Programs Nearly 70% of homesickness can be prevented in the months before camp starts! Join the enlightened group of camp directors who have implemented Chris’s carefully researched methods. Watch your homesickness rates plummet right along with all that parental anxiety. Let Chris customize a prevention program for you today!
Coping with the Death of a Camper (Crisis Management for Directors) This individualized crisis management workshop for directors is an off-season must. Chris will work with you one-on-one to be sure that you know how to support families, campers, and staff should a tragedy occur at camp. The workshop also includes free information from media relations and insurance professionals.
Data Don’t Lie: Designing Assessment Tools for Your Camp Whether you want a better exit survey or a new camper satisfaction questionnaire, Chris can put his geeky expertise to work for you by helping you design reliable and valid assessment tools. Stop operating your camp on hunches, impressions, and personal biases. Instead, base your program improvement on scientific evidence.
Deliberate Decision Making Making mindful choices provides an effective framework and a set of strategies that will leave you feeling gratified at the end of the day. End the overwhelming tide of to-do’s today by focusing your efforts on your strengths. This is the process that will transform your time management.
Extreme Makeover: Staff Training Week Edition Stop putting your staff to sleep by reading pages from your staff training manual! It’s time to overhaul your entire training program by using the MAP-IT technique. (M=Masterful meetings; A=Arc [logical temporal arc]; P=Practical; I=Individual time; T=Together time) This creative workshop for senior camp management will push the group to re-conceptualize staff education from the bottom up. Design training that excites staff and keeps the momentum going.
Ma’am, Put Down the Phone and Step Away from the Child! How to Soothe Parental Anxiety We can’t arrest our over-anxious, over-involved parents, but we can do lots to soothe their anxiety and curb their micromanagement impulses. This practical session gives you and your staff realistic, effective tools to help parents manage stress so you can get on with the business of running a camp and promoting youth development. Coach parents to let go for a bit and allow their child to blossom.
Performance Evaluations: Giving Feedback that Improves Behavior All of your staff deserve honest feedback about their performance. In addition, directors need to document the results of evaluations to fulfill legal requirements and inform next season’s hiring. This workshop includes a helpful set of evaluation templates for three levels of leadership. Learn how to set your staff up for success with concrete goals, achievable benchmarks and measurable outcomes.
Preserving Professional Staff-Camper Boundaries: Essential Concepts Youth leaders can sometimes enter a grey area in which personal information is over-shared, physical touch becomes inappropriate, and emotional connections creep beyond what’s comfortable. This essential workshop details key responsibilities and boundary-preserving strategies. No youth program should begin the season without explicit coverage of this cornerstone of professionalism.
Preventing Staff and Director Burn-Out: Best Practices for Stress Management Staff at any level can burn out when negative attitudes, maladaptive behaviors, and unwise use of time off take hold. Using an ecological model, this workshop teaches just the right combination of cognitive and behavioral strategies so that all staff can maintain peak performance all season and sprint across the finish line stress-free.
Program Perfection: Keys to Running Superior Activity Periods We all remember the times at camp when we had the most fun. What was the magic combination of challenge, enthusiasm, novelty, and achievement that made it all come together so nicely? This workshop compels staff to shed mundane coaching and supervision techniques in favor of innovation and spunk.
Providing Feedback: Improving Performance and Maintaining Connections Whether you’re in a supervisory position or not, providing feedback to your colleagues is an essential skill for leadership growth and development. Of course, the barrier to providing feedback is that relationships are at stake. This advanced workshop teaches staff how to preserve good relationships while providing clear feedback in ways that boost everyone’s performance.
[This workshop also offered as a video training module on Leadership Essentials.]
Putting Camp Jobs on Your Resume: A Primer for Camp Staff (mini-workshop) Some staff will make camp their life’s work; most will choose other careers. Precious few will be able to communicate the awesome responsibility of caring for other people’s children and leading diverse groups toward meaningful goals. Help them convince a future employer why camp experience makes them a perfect hire.
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Camps Back by popular demand, this classic workshop has been imitated but never replicated. A favorite among camp directors, and sure to promote months of discussion among your senior staff, this workshop draws on Chris’s 30+ years of camp experience and 10+ years of consulting to the finest camps in the country.
Staff Training Week Overhaul Use the MAP-IT technique to breathe new life into your tired old staff training week schedule. Combine Masterful meetings, a temporal Arc that is logical, Practical skills, Individual time and Together time in a way that helps the energy stay high and the learning stick like glue. A gamechanger of a workshop for your senior staff, in preparation for next season.
Time Management for Youth Leaders You might try to shoehorn a few more things into your schedule, but the world will still rotate once every 24 hours. So although we cannot manage time, we can manage our lives in a way that takes full advantage of those 24 hours by protecting our priorities and being mindful of our choices. The perfect workshop to pair with “Deliberate Decision-Making.”
Values in Action: The Intentional Business of Practicing What You Preach What would it actually look like at your camp to see unselfishness, good sportsmanship, integrity, tolerance, kindness, and honesty in action? In this workshop, participants are guided through their momentary impressions of events toward a personal value response and ultimately to a set of strategies that put each value into practice.
Wise Use of Time Off Binge drinking doesn’t have to be the default choice for nights and days off away from camp…but it too often is. Instead, you can plan exciting activities that promote staff bonding so they return to camp relaxed, recharged and ready for the days ahead. This workshop combines techniques of motivation enhancement therapy with common sense to improve your staff’s decision-making skills. [This workshop also offered as a video training module on Leadership Essentials.]

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