CampSpirit.com was made possible by Unrestricted Educational Grants from the following companies: AMSkier Insurance, CampRegister & eCampCAMP TV Media, C&N Footlocker, and Target Directories.  Scroll down to read why Dr. Thurber personally endorses each of these terrific companies.


AMSkier Insurance
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A friend in the car insurance business once told me that it is impossible to compare the quality of policies on the basis of the quantity of coverage. What matters instead is how your claim is handled. AMSkier Insurance has become the camp industry’s premier insurer not only because all claims are handled with such comprehensive care, but also because the education and training they provide helps make camps even safer places. At conferences, online, and in print, you are likely to see AMSkier backing key educational initiatives that reduce accidents at camps, schools, and other youth programs. As a parent and a longtime camp waterfront director, I heartily endorse AMSkier Insurance and their proactive mission to protect children and staff.


Camp TV
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 I chose CAMP TV to film and edit my DVD/CD set, The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success because no other camp-savvy video production house had CAMP TV’s level of creativity and expertise. The professionals at CAMP TV have also filmed and edited every second of the 62 stunning Leadership Essentials videos on ExpertOnlineTraining.com. When you pick CAMP TV to produce your next promotional DVD, you can expect to have a ton of fun during filming and a team of editors who will shape your concept into a final cut that truly reflects that magic of your summer program. I’ve seen some camps try to produce a promo video in-house, with a staff member who says he knows what he’s doing. Trust me. Work with CAMP TV instead.


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In our book, The Summer Camp Handbook, co-author Dr. Jon Malinowski and I expound on the importance of a sturdy footlocker. Why? Because at camp, a footlocker isn’t just a suitcase, it’s a card table, a top bunk step, and a landing pad for Tarzan swings off the rafters. If your campers’ footlockers aren’t kid-proof, they’re worthless. The footlockers from ESC are worth every penny because they are remarkably durable, packed with features (such as wheels and water-resistant liners), and–get this–backed by a lifetime warrantee. This is the one footlocker to own forever. And if you need more camp gear, you’ll find just about everything you need at EverythingSummerCamp. The name says it all…and the customer service will keep you coming back each season.


Target Directories
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When it came to creating CampSpirit.com, I turned to Target Directories first. I knew that their expertise with search engine optimization, combined with their clean design sensibility, was a recipe for success. My website is beautiful, loaded with content, easy to navigate and simple to modify, using The Camp Lamp editing suite. Naturally, it was Target I trusted to create ExpertOnlineTraining.com, the home for my online video training modules. The technical and artistic talents of the Target team have produced another gorgeous site with tremendous functionality. Best of all, the site pops right up at the top of any Google search for ‘online camp staff training. There’s no better or more experienced web development team in the youth development space than Target Directories.


CampRegister & eCamp
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Nowhere is the thoughtful application of technology to camps more evident than in these two remarkable companies-now working together as a single entity. On the CampRegister end, camps have the best camper registration and event planning software in the industry, backed by expert customer support (the part you’ll really appreciate). On the eCamp end, camps have the easiest to use and most sophisticated set of tools that allowing kids and parents to stay connected in healthy ways, such as one-way e-mails, secure photo postings, and electronic journals. If you purchase one of my handouts here on CampSpirit.com, you’ll be using the CampRegister secure payment process, so obviously it’s a company I trust.