Physical & Emotional Safety

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or president of the university.” — Albert Einstein

Workshops on Physical and Emotional Safety

This category offers a range of sessions focused on respecting healthy boundaries with youth, both online and in-person. To search for a keyword on this page, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard. To search the entire CampSpirit website, use the search bar in the upper right corner of this page. To discuss workshop customization, propose new content or book an event, please contact Dr. Thurber directly or call (603) 557-8100.

Workshops on Physical and Emotional Safety

Title Description
Collaborative Problem Solving Extend your skills beyond the old-fashioned problem-solving rubric of identification, brainstorming, and trial-and-error. Because this outdated method neglects genuine empathy and identification of needs, it can backfire or escalate conflict. This workshop draws on new research that gives staff powerful tools to identify needs, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts durably.
Designing and Implementing Your Substance Use Policy Ready to move past a “don’t ask; don’t tell” stance on substance use?  Thinking that just including your policy in the staff training manual isn’t enough any more?  Then you’re ready to join other enlightened camp directors who’ve chosen to take a proactive stance by intentionally crafting a realistic, enforceable policy with necessary staff buy-in.
Go Tech-Know: Designing Your Camp’s Electronic Technology Policy Every camp needs an electronic technology policy for campers and staff, but few have one. Evaluate the pros and cons of everything from iPods to cell phones to hybrid devices and emerge with a coherent, mission-driven policy that campers, staff, and families can adhere to. Sidestep the market pressures and stay true to your camp’s roots.
Guidelines of Waterfront Safety: Adhering to ACA Aquatic Standards Picks up where lifeguard certification leaves off by providing a standard-by-standard review of ACA’s aquatics accreditation. Your waterfront staff will discuss provocative slides of waterfront hazards and solutions and practice applying their textbook skills to the real world of your camp’s unique waterfront. Includes “Lost Bather Drill” design.
High Speed and Public: Internet Socializing Perils and Policies Are your staff and campers using the Internet responsibly? Too often, the perceived anonymity of sitting alone behind a computer lowers people’s inhibitions and leads them to post lascivious content on sites like MySpace and FaceBook, sometimes accompanied by your camp’s name. Educate to protect with this contemporary workshop.
Safe Touch Guidelines for Camp and School Staff Basic and advanced concepts of safe touch and appropriate interaction with children and fellow staff will protect everyone from physically and emotionally unsafe situations. This workshop also includes leadership principles designed to minimize the likelihood of ambiguous circumstances that can be misconstrued.
[This workshop also offered as a video training module on Leadership Essentials.]
Preserving Professional Staff-Camper Boundaries Youth leaders can sometimes enter a grey area in which personal information is over-shared, physical touch becomes inappropriate, and emotional connections creep beyond what’s comfortable. This essential safety workshop outlines key responsibilities and boundary-preserving strategies. Reduce liability and bolster leadership quality by teaching your staff what they can and cannot say and do with youngsters.
Preserving Professional Teacher-Student Boundaries Professional educators have a unique responsibility to put their students’ needs first. And yet both students and teachers can enter a grey area in which personal information is over-shared, physical touch becomes inappropriate, and emotional connections creep beyond what’s comfortable. In Part I of this powerful double workshop, participants will learn: their fiduciary responsibility, aspects of development that affect boundaries, the surprising range of boundary violations, the consequences of a violation, and the multitude of ways professional boundaries and reputations can be preserved. In Part II, participants will examine provocative case studies of boundary crossings and boundary violations. Only by working through difficult—and sometimes ambiguous material—will participants gain confidence in working on their own and others’ boundary issues.
Preventing Staff and Director Burn-Out: Best Practices for Stress Management Turn the “sixth week slump” into an instant myth by endowing your staff (and yourself!) with the most effective cognitive and behavioral relaxation strategies. This workshop includes training in cognitive reframing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness, along with guidance on how to use time off wisely.

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