Podcasts & Radio Broadcasts

Enjoy these entertaining and provocative podcasts as well as a few humorous, touching, and informative radio interviews for NPR, KQED, WLUP, and others. Just click the tiny play button to the right of each selection to listen. (Remember to turn the volume up on your computer.)


Podcasts Originally Broadcast on AMSkier’s SkiWay

Note: Listen carefully for the loon cry at the start of each podcast.

      Hot Topics in Camping

      Treat Bullying Like Litter Part 2

      Augmented Reality and Nature

      The Matter of Manners

      Treat Bullying Like Litter Part 1

      Session Length and Your Mission

      Swim Checks Done Right

      New Camper Family Orientation

      The Shirts and Skins Controversy

      Golf Carts: Friend or Foe?

      Safe Touch: How Much is Too Much?

      Camp Industry Professionalism

      Let Grow by Letting Go

      The Value of Unstructured Play

      Swim Lessons: What We All Can Learn

      The Irony of Bullying…It’s Not What You Think

      The Beauty of Handwritten Letters

      Spirituality at Camp

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National & Local Radio Broadcasts

      NPR’s Radio Times: Homesickness and Culture (2012)

      Mott Radio: Homesickness and Cell Phones (2012)

      CBC & NPR: Homesickness at School and Camp (2009)

      WYLL: It Takes a Parent: An Over-Tethered Generation (2008)

      WLUP: Homesickness and Humor at Camp (2007)

      KQED: Finding the Right Camp (2000)

      NHPR: The Value of Summer Camp (2000)

      NPR: Homesickness at Summer Camp (1997)