“The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.”  — Elaine Agather, Director of Fossil, Inc.

Workshops on Leadership

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Workshops on Leadership

Title Description
Online Leadership-By-Example: Internet Best Practices for Staff The Internet is public space. How staff behave in that space—like all other behavior—should set a sterling example for young people to follow. This focused workshop gives staff practical skills for creating an online persona that everyone—parents, grandparents, and directors—can be proud of. This workshop is the ideal complement to the longer workshop on Internet policy development.
But We’ve Always Done That! Transforming Hazing into Healthy Bonding The paradox of hazing-usually happening right under your nose-is that it creates superficial bonding while eroding genuine social connections. Tragically, hazing endangers participants and creates deep rifts in any leadership. By distinguishing hazing from healthy tradition, this workshop promotes authentic feelings of group membership.
Defusing Emotional Bombs: Secrets of Effective Communication No one does their best thinking or problem solving when they’re upset, but it’s human nature to try. Learn cutting edge therapeutic techniques that quell anger and anxiety as a first step toward solving problems. Effective communication hinges on a combination of listening and self-expression skills few leaders possess.
Do You Want a Spanking?!…and Other Stupid Questions Grown-Ups Ask When adults get stressed, the behavior becomes regressed. Not knowing how best to manage anger and other strong emotions, adults revert to rhetorical questions, coercion, and threats they can’t possibly act on. This humorous workshop blends stress and anger management techniques with communication and discipline strategies that really work.
Head, Heart, or Hybrid? Refining Your Emotional Leadership Style Based on leading research in emotional intelligence, this enlightening workshop teaches participants to examine their “emotional leadership style”-the extent to which they can tolerate and understand children’s emotions. Ultimately, a deeper understanding of children’s feeling states builds the interpersonal connections that increase compliance.
Get the HINT: High-Impact Nominally-Taxing Leadership The challenge for staff in this captivating workshop is to produce desired behavior changes in children without expending more than 1½ calories, the energy in a single Tic-Tac. The result is that staff learn to rely on simple directions, clear consequences, and children’s intrinsic motivation to enhance the camp experience.
Internal Leadership Development I: Designing High-Yield ILD Programs Internal leadership development (ILD) can become your primary-or even your sole-source for the highest quality staff. This design workshop is only for camp directors who are committed to an 10-year process of refinement, tradition, promotion, and staff training that revolutionizes their current hiring practices.
Internal Leadership Development II: Designing a Successful CIT / LIT Program Leader-in-Training (or Counselor-in-Training) programs have 10 common flaws that usually lead to their collapse within a few seasons. This workshop for camp directors is based on the radical success of the few camps in the country that have a completely homegrown staff. It’s not magic; it’s simply intentional, intelligent design.
Internal Leadership Development III: Effective Mentoring of Junior Leaders Junior leaders follow the example of senior staff and head counselors, but frequently face two problems: Either they become intoxicated with their newfound authority or they become disillusioned by the antics of senior leaders. This workshop teaches junior leaders to learn with humility and senior leaders to set a sterling example.
Internal Leadership Development IV: Principles of Hiring, Evaluation, and Promotion No ILD system is complete without time-tested procedures for hiring, evaluation, and promotion. These are the techniques that eclipse any interview + criminal background check combination. Hire only those staff members whose performance you personally witness and promote only those who are truly deserving.
“Male” Call: How to Promote Healthy Male Leadership at Camp Boys and men can bring powerful leadership to their roles as campers and camp staff, but what about the corrosive side effects that can take hold, such as bullying, homophobia, and bravado? This workshop uses case studies of male campers and staff to derive the best methods staff can use to set boundaries and lead by example when male camper behavior–or male staff behavior–starts to cross the line.
Mid-Season Motivator: Executive Coaching to Achieve Your Staff’s Goals Many camp staff wish they were accomplishing this or that, but very few know the distinction between a wish and a goal. The practice of executive coaching teaches that goals are written, have specific methods and measurable outcomes, and are shared with others. Learn how clarity and accountability boost staff performance.
Pinnacles and Pitfalls: Leadership is Learned Culled from more than 30 summers on a camp staff, this hugely popular workshop is a collection of witty, effective, and enduring leadership techniques. Presented in a visual format that gives staff a clear view of the consequences poor leadership can have as well as the wonderful outcomes of patience, initiative, and consistency.
Positive Peer Pressure: Understanding Your Behavior in Groups Common conceptions of peer pressure peg it as wholly negative, when in fact peers can have a tremendously positive influence on one another. This insightful workshop forces staff to take an honest look at how group dynamics influence their competitiveness, creativity, concentration, and integrity. Be persuasively positive.
Professionalism is Learned: How to Exude Positive Leadership in the Workplace The most requested workshop for corporate consultations, this workshop blends management, communication, etiquette, and conflict resolution skills into a powerful package that eliminates laziness, backstabbing, resentment, and negativity that can plague organizations. Transform pettiness to professionalism.
Situational Leadership: Respond to Any Leadership Challenge with Confidence Ask most staff to label their leadership style and they can do it in a word. This is unfortunate because a true leader defies a one-word description. This engaging workshop uses video clips to teach staff how to rapidly assess the demands of any situation and flexibly adapt his or her leadership techniques to suit.

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