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Because nothing is more important than the relationship between your staff and the children they serve, is proud to offer the best online content for youth development professionals.


Our internationally renowned faculty has created nearly 100 innovative videos that will teach your staff how to supervise, lead, and nurture healthy relationships with your young participants.

The EOT Mission is an educational company with a global vision to elevate the relationship quality between young people and their professional adult caregivers. Using innovative and realistic videos from industry experts, we seek to magnify the strengths of all youth leaders and help them reach their full potential. Visit to learn more.


eot_group_photoThe History of EOT

In the winter of 2007, Dr. Thurber was having dinner in Toronto with Evan Heltay, CEO of Target Directories. They shared an educational vision focused on positive youth development, but realized two massive limitations of traditional (onsite) staff training: (1) First, with just a few dozen professional staff trainers and more than 50,000 summer youth programs in North America, there was simply not enough high-quality training to go around; (2) Second, as excellent as their training was, no directors had enough time to cover everything they wanted in the brief time they had with their staff on site. A complementary, online training source was the answer.

So Chris and Evan sketched out a plan on the back of a napkin. (All great stories have to include a sketch on a napkin, right?) They designed a learning management system that would give every youth leader global access to the best educational content in the world. “We literally wanted to bring youth development experts to every staff member’s desktop,” says Evan. “We asked ourselves: ‘What is the opposite of directors lecturing the group from the staff manual for hours on end?’ The answer: YouTube-length videos that are dynamic, realistic, and practical.”

From that modest dinner napkin in 2007, Chris and Evan have assembled an illustrious faculty of 20 leading experts who have produced nearly 100 instructional videos on topics ranging from bullying and homesickness prevention to safe touch and effective supervision. With more than 2300 subscribers worldwide, has emerged as the leader in online education for youth development professionals.

EOT’s Production Style

Chris and Evan’s first decision about video production was: no bookcases. The last thing anyone working outdoors wants to see is a talking head in front of a bookcase, right? Therefore, partners with actual camps, summer schools, and parks and rec departments to host filming. Every second of video is shot on-site, with real staff and children acting out real scenarios in real settings. To ensure top quality, each EOT video is filmed and edited by the phenonmenal team at CAMP TV Media and all scripts and edits are personally overseen by Dr. Chris Thurber, EOT’s director of content.


EOT Bloopers and Outtakes

Yeah, we sometimes mess up. Like you never do, right? Except our mistakes are captured on film.

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